• Be punctual and regular.
  • Keep your classroom neat and clean.
  • Maintain discipline at all times and don’t move out of the classroom without the teacher’s permission.
  • Movement in between periods should be done in an orderly manner.
  • Eat your tiffin in the classroom during lunch break. A napkin, table mat, should be brought daily.
  • Refrain from indiscipline in the corridors or classrooms.
  • Contribute to the soft boards and class displays.
  • Bring books and notebooks according to the timetable.
  • All notebooks and books should be neatly labelled and covered with a plastic cover. Only prescribed notebooks should be used.
  • Books and notebooks required to be kept in the class cupboard should be carried home only when given by the specified subject teacher, and duly returned.
  • Notebook work should be neat. Only HB pencils/gel pens/ink pens to be used. Whiteners and mechanical pencils are not permitted.
  • Make sure to complete the work missed due to absence.
  • Plan out your work, then work out your plan
  • Children must take care to bring this school diary to school and also to safeguard it. If lost duplicate copy of school Diary will be issued by the school on payment of Rs. 150/
  • Students are permitted to speak only in English in the school campus.
  • At the first bell, there should be perfect silence in school premises. They should pray silently and seek God’s blessings.
  • Students are continuously monitored through CCTV Cameras. The school building both inside and outside are equipped with these cameras, any in disciplinary action will call for penalisation or suspension.