Evaluation System

  1. In the Academic Year 2017-18 evaluation is not based on the semester system.
  2. Final Evaluation will be based on Annual Examination (80 marks) and internal assessment (20 marks).
    • Annual Examination will be conducted covering the complete portion at the end of the year where maximum marks will be 80 and the student need to secure minimum 27 marks (33%) to pass.
    • Internal assessment marks distribution will be as follows : (Student need to secure minimum 7 marks out of 20)
      • 3 Periodic Tests  – Weightage -10%
        Best 2 Test marks out of 3 periodic tests will be added and converted into 10%.

        Exam Name Tentative Period Portion Max. Marks Passing Marks
        Quarterly July End 30% 50 17
        Half Yearly October End 50% 50 17
        Pre Annual January 70% 50 17


      • Note Book Maintenance – Weightage -5%
        Before each periodic test, notebook maintenance will be evaluated based on the following parameters:

        • Regularity
        • Assignment Completion
        • Neatness and upkeep of notebooks.

        Average of the 3 marks out of 5 will be calculated for aggregating.

      • Subject Enrichment Activities – Weightage -5%
        Subject enrichment activities comprises of various techniques like ASL/Reading/Dictation/Debate/Public Speaking etc. for language, Lab Activities/Projects/Map Works/Model Making/ Field Trips etc. for other subjects which can be conducted three times (one in one term per subject) and average marks may be converted out of 5.