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stpeters school19 Apr 2023 05 : 04 : AM

Election (Head Boy / Head Girl) 2023-24

Head boy and head girl are student leadership roles in schools, representing the school's entire student body. They are normally the most senior perfects in the school


In order to create awareness about the election process, the management of St. Peter's Convent school in Greater Faridabad conducted school elections to select the school head boy and head girl on 18th of April 2023. Press on the link  for the enthusiastic campaigning

As many as 9 students including four boys and five girls contested for two posts. The contestants were also given time for campaigning. Being the first exposure to the voting system, the students were given instructions of the whole process starting from placing ‘ink’ on the left forefinger to the way of casting their votes in a select ballot.

The contestants were given the option to choose the symbols they want on the ballot paper. School's seminar room turned into a polling booth with voting tables and ballot boxes were placed to drop their ballot paper.

After the counting of votes, Abhishek Sagar  (IX B) was elected as Head Boy and Jaanvi  (IX A) as the Head Girl. Principal Sister Nancy congratulated the winners and assured support from the school for the benefit of students. She said that they had conducted elections to educate the students about the importance of democratic process of elections to elect their choicest leader.

Starting from how to select your representatives in ballot paper ,to maintaining ballot secrecy, how to get the electoral ink done and then to the most interesting part of approaching the media people .Everything went up to be the most thrilling experience for students.

We congratulate our faculties Ms. Swati Sharma, Ms. Priyanka Jain, Ms. Betina P .Varghese, Ms. Shradha Anjali,  Ms. Ruhi Hasan, and Ms. Pooja Sharma from the Social Science department for the successful elections conducted by them.