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Eloit21 Apr 2023 12 : 04 : PM

Earth Day 2023-24

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April at St. Peter's Convent School to remind the students of their duties towards 'Mother Nature.' As a part of environmental education, "Go- Green" initiative was taken to engage the whole school community in making a difference.

Various activities were organized for the students for giving the message of ‘Go Green’ to all the students.

Students gave the message of planting more and more trees for the protection of nature. Charts, flash cards were also made related to this subject on which beautiful messages were written for the protection of the earth. Along with this, they participated in the plantation drive and planted saplings of plants that provide oxygen round the clock and medicines plants like tulsi, aloe vera, cactus. Along with planting saplings, the students of the Kindergarten went to nature walk and gave the message of Go Green, explaining the importance of trees and plants. Fun activities and nature walks were conducted for kindergarten (Nursery, LKG and UKG) , drawing and essay competition was organized for the students of Grades I to III. Poster making competition was organized for the students of Grades IV and V based on the theme ‘Invest in our planet’. Slogan writing competition was organized for the students of Grades VI and VII, Notice board decoration competition for the Grades VIII to X . A special prayer meeting was organized for the children, in which the students took an oath to protect the environment. Kindly press on the link for the glimpse of the day.