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Eloit20 Nov 2021 07 : 11 : AM

Good Luck to class X

Sister Runcy Jacob Principal of the school, in her address to the students of class X, says that success doesn’t come by chance; a consistent, committed and rigorous practice is required to achieve success in any sphere of life. Giving study tips to the students she professed how success comes from time management; it is nothing but keeping close to your aim, proceed coherently and managing time wisely. She hoped that students will cherish the lessons inculcated in their character throughout their lives. She wished them to achieve success in Board examination.

Dear Students,
You will be facing the first board exam of your life. Whether we like it or not, board exams are major events in the life of a student.
Board exams are just like any other test. It’s just that you go to a different school and have different teachers patrolling around you. Rest, it’s just the same. In fact sometimes you may find board exams to be easier than the exams you have appeared in before.
“So the first thing you need to keep in mind is that board exams are not dangerous monsters”.
In the morning, you will wake up; get ready, just like you did for any other exam in your life. And you will go out with the same slick confidence you always did.
My dear students don’t forget to follow all the instructions regarding COVID-19. It’s very important in our day to day life.
“Afraid of not remembering something in the exam” Don’t worry; it will not happen to you. You will remember everything, as if you are just reading it. Our education system has taught us how to memorize. So be relaxed, and you will surely be able to recall everything.

“And the biggest fear of all: Will I score high”?
Now I will not say that marks don’t matter. I don’t know what your dreams and aspirations are. For many career paths, your marks will indeed matter. But for many, it won’t. In fact, class 10 marks only play an important role in getting your desire stream in class 11. Beyond that, their significance is obliterated by other things.
So with that said and done, I will just wish you best of luck for your CBSE class 10 board exam 2021. And here are few things you can keep in mind for the exam.
 Study till evening. Do not study till late in the night.
 Sleep on time.
 Whatever you need to take, arrange them in one place at night.
 Leave from home on time, avoid last minute rush.
 Wake in morning, if you have a summary prepared, just go through it.
 Whatever you have studied or not studied, don’t worry now. You will do well.

Good Luck wishes to students are incomplete without teachers’ blessings. Mother teacher of class X Ms. Hima Bindu Dalai wishes her students that this is the day you have prepared so hard for. Face the exams surefooted. Tackle the questions confidently. Your success is guaranteed.
Ms. Jasvinder Kaur from Social Studies department clarifies students that this exam is not different from others you’ve done before. So there’s no need to be jittery. You have studied hard. Go in there, put in your best. Nothing but success is yours.
All the subject teachers Ms. Anjali Baid, Ms.Kanika Chandel, Ms. Paromita Misra, Ms. Mamta Piplani & Ms. Swati Trivedi explicate students that success don’t come as a surprise to the prepared. You have labored so hard. May your labor be crowned with success.

So, here wishing you all the best of luck for your upcoming Term –I board exams.