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Eloit15 Aug 2022 12 : 08 : AM

Independence- Our Pride!

Fifteenth August is an important day in the history of India. On this day in 1947, our country became free from the long imprisonment of the British rule. Since 1947, fifteenth August is celebrated every year with great joy and pride. It reminds us the great struggle of our freedom from the British rule. The great sacrifice for our freedom fighters is remembered, which serves as a beacon light for the development of this great country. The main function is held at Red Fort in Delhi where the Prime Minister unfurls the National flag. It is an occasion to celebrate for every Indian and the whole nation celebrates a holiday from all work and take a pledge to work whole heartedly for the development of this country and preservation of our Independence. All those who have stood out exclusively in their respective field of work are honoured in public meetings. The whole nation pays homage to the security forces who have laid down their lives for the honour and security of the country.

We also celebrated the Independence Day in our school auditorium, with great pump and show. The school building and the ground were cleaned and decorated for the occasion. There was a beautiful rangoli made by our art teacher Ms. Usha. A flagpole was put up at the top of the school building.

Chief guest, the very Reverend Fr. Abraham Valloppilly our respected Manager, Mother Annett, Principal Sr. Nancy Elizabeth, Vice principal Sr. Sharon, the head boy of our school Tarun K Joseph, and the head girl Anushka Jha, lit up the lamp to start celebration.

There was great enthusiasm among students. The school band of students took its position half an hour before the actual function was to begin. The members of the band were wearing beautiful uniforms. They played sweet tunes. The students had taken their places well before the time.

There were a lot of performances like group patriotic songs, Prayer dance and skit to celebrate and inculcate the importance of our independent nation and of our pride.

Anchoring part was done by Kartik (VII A), Vivaan (VII A), Joydeep (IX B), Khushi (IX B), Riya (IX B), Gaurika (IX B) and Anushka (IX A).

In the end of the celebration Khushi (IX B) requested all to stand up for the National Anthem.

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