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Eloit is one of the few and fast-growing companies in the Academic Accreditation, Ranking and Rating industry. With a clientele of 500 prestigious Institutions, Top Universities, Colleges and Schools and Education Councils throughout the globe. Eloit Innovations offers the Credisapp Series, the finest academic software that streamlines the entire process of rankings, ratings and accreditations of schools and higher educational institutions. Our quality assistance and strategic management of the whole system retains the high standard and reputation of the institutions. Credisapp transforms all the complex efforts of accreditation, simple and authentic with a few clicks. 

Some of the main features of Eloit for School Head are as follows: 

 Financial Records within Seconds 

  • Validation of SMS with OTP Verification
    Monitor Every day Growth of School 
  • See Daily Attendance Report 
  • School Bus Transportation Details 


 The Artificial Intelligence-powered Edisapp School ERP enables us to record and process all our school's vital information about students, staff, fees, exams, library, transportation and all that matters with an advanced interface fully secured with high-end encryption. It helps our school management to save time so that we can quickly enhance productivity and improve our efficiency. 

Edisapp also helps our teachers with all necessary tools and features to stay connected with families and send assignments, homework, important alerts etc to parents. 

Edisapp not only helps teachers and school but also helps our parents to enhance their involvement in student’s performance at school by facilitating real-time access to performance insights, daily attendance, homework, assignments, exam results etc. 

Some of the main features of Edisapp are as follows: 

  • Receive important communication from the school 
  • Check assignments and homework for students 
  • Pay fee and get receipts online 
  • View Student attendance and apply for leave 
  • Mark Student Attendance & Approve leave requests 
  • Give Assignments & Homework 
  • Connect & Chat with Parents 
  • View list of students in class, and their details 
  • Send alerts to parents with attachments 


MICROSOFT TEAMS                           

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on. 

Teams are available as a desktop app, via web browser, and as a mobile app. Without leaving Teams, users can co-edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file types in real-time.  Documents in the “files” section are stored on One Drive with the ability to store and access files. 

Teams syncs with Outlook calendars to provide ready access to schedules and set up meetings. 

We can use “Together mode” in Teams which creates a virtual environment, cropping user videos and collecting them in a more realistic environment. Together mode has numerous virtual “scenes” to create a more natural feel to video meetings. 

Announcement Feature of Teams is useful and effective to share information quickly. 

Teams also have basic video call features such as custom backgrounds, screen sharing, hand raising, recording and live captions. 


Our school upholds students and their education foremost and with the onset of a pandemic, we switched from offline mode of education to online mode of education smoothly with the help of Microsoft Teams. With its advanced features and clear interface, the transition to online education was a great success.  

Some of the features provided and operated by the school staff and students are: 

  • Calendar feature for scheduling meetings. 
  • Group Video-calling feature for conducting classes, events and cultural programs.  
  • Group Chat feature for Important information and other related notices.  
  • Screen-share feature to share knowledge and other resources during the classes and other meetings.  
  • Assignment feature to share Homework and Activity. 
  • Group Files option to share Notes by teachers for the students. 
  • Microsoft Forms facility to conduct online Examinations. 


Smart Classroom 

A smart classroom is a technology-enhanced learning classroom that enhances the way of teaching and learning digitally. The classroom is integrated with digital displays, tabs, whiteboards, assistive listening devices, and other audio/visual components that make lectures easier, engaging, and more interactive. 

Benefits of Smart Classrooms 

  • Interactive Learning Experience 
  •  Encourage Collaboration 
  •  “Go Green” Concept 
  •  Upgraded Integration 
  •  Time-Saving Classroom Technology Solutions 
  •  Smart Interactive Modules- Videos, Presentations, etc. 
  •  A Touch of Fun Element to Learning 
  •  Pace of Growth 



It provides digital content aligned to the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, etc boards in eight languages including Hindi.  


  • Strong reporting structure for usage and access data 
  • Secured encryption to prevent hacking 
  • 2D and 3D graphics 
  • 100% mapped to NCERT 
  • Remote operation