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  • Greater Faridabad - Haryana
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A Few Words About Us

The school was blessed and inaugurated by His Grace Archbishop Kuriakose Bharanikulangara on 8th March 2013. It was opened on 4th April 2013. It is co-ed. an institution with English as the medium of instruction. It is run by the CMC Sisters, Amala Province Kanjirappally. The CMCs happened to be the agents of change in the educational realm of women in Kerala since 1866. This school is a sister-institution of St.Peter’s School in Sector 16A, Faridabad. It will be a full-fledged CBSE School having +2 (Plus 2) courses in all relevant subject areas, in due course of time.

The school takes the utmost care in developing the personality of each and every one of the student. The most powerful expression of personality being quality of character and character is expressed through a principle-centred living, we take a special interest in the development of human resources. To understand the human resources-traits, values, skills, cognition, feelings, experience, imagination, body system etc. we have designed suitable curriculum and stress on developing skills in physical activities, cognitive development, personal hygiene, social habits, spoken English etc. Since discipline usually functions through habits we prepare the ground for sequencing of time with regard to habits enabling individual effectiveness leading to success. We learn that in the current scenario cognitive development alone does not count, development of emotional intelligence is also equally important. Hence extra care is given to the emotional development of the child. Considerable effort will be made for the development of human relation skills, listening and team-building skills.

St. Peter’s Convent School being a Christian institution, its first preference is to educate Christian (Catholic) Children; but admission to the school is open to all.