• Sec-88
  • Greater Faridabad - Haryana
students with knight mascot


  • Arts and Crafts Club

    This club was formed with the idea of moulding the students to have interest in colours, craft etc. We have classes for fabric painting, glass painting, oil painting, pencil drawing, pottery painting etc. We provide our students with expert teachers as they could make them better than the best.

  • Sports Club

    SPCS has provided certain refreshing following activities for the students to relieve them out of their stress and strain.

    Indoor games    :    Chess, Table tennis, Carrom board game etc.
    Outdoor games :    Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Kho Kho, Athletics etc.
    Others                :    Abacus and Vedic maths.

  • House wise Programmes

    All the students are divided into four houses.

    1. Emerald (Green)     2.Topaz (Yellow)    3.Ruby (Red)     4.Sapphire (Blue)

    The competitions in the school are being done house wise. The responsibility of conducting different celebrations is also been given to different houses. This will develop a sense of unity, competitive spirit and responsibility among students.

  • Speakers Forum

    This forum assist the students for extempore and in sharing their ideas spontaneously in different ways and languages.

  • Quiz Club

    This club helps the students to enhance and test their comprehension in various fields like General knowledge, current affairs etc. House wise competitions are being conducted as part of this.

  • Karate, Yoga

    Yoga has been declared a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.Yoga demands that the practitioner concentrate and focus on what their body is telling them – to notice their breathing pattern, concentrate on any aches and pains they might feel and calm the mind to simply concentrate on themselves.To equip the students in self-defense Karate classes will be helpful. The students will be acquiring these skills through well- trained instructors.

  • Nature Club

    Nature is our Mother .It is our duty to love and care our Mother Earth. Club members are so interested in cleaning and greening campus programmes.

  • Band Set

    SPCS always aims at the overall development of a child. As a part of the co-curricular activities we have a band team of 33 students under the training of the band master.

  • Social Science, Math’s, IT Clubs

    Under the guidance of these subject teachers children are doing some activities for the betterment of school and community.

  • Dance and Music Clubs

    It helps the students to improve their aesthetic intelligence.