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stpeters school29 Mar 2023 07 : 03 : AM


A school is a place where children spend a large part of their day. However, it’s important to help them develop other skills and interests outside of the classroom as well. And that is why St. Peter’s Convent School arranged a camp “KHELO PETERS” for Peterians from the classes V to IX from 27th March 2023 to 29th of March 2023. We believe that every child has a different personality, and those personalities need to be cultivated positively.
This camp included the activities which allowed children to get involved and have fun while learning new skills and building their resumes.
These extracurricular activities included Yoga, Self- Defence, Band, Taekwondo, Archery, Public Speaking, Skating, Dance, Art & Craft, Scouts & Guides, Music Workshop, and Workshop on Cyber Ethic, Moral Videos and many more!
While art classes taught kids about various types of art forms. Academic clubs like speaking skills or debate clubs also helped students develop their skills in different areas. These are just some examples of extracurricular activities that are beneficial to children’s education and were taught in our camp. There were many more activities for students to be a part of and many more activities should be considered while looking for something fun and educational for your child to do in the school.
We congratulate to our dear Students, PTI’s Ms. Bimlesh, Ms. Pratishtha, Mr. Jai Chopra and Mr. Jatin, Music teachers Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan and Ms. Rinkey Gurung, Band teacher Ms. Swati Sharma, Art & Craft teacher Ms. Usha and to the entire team of St. Peter’s for their successful and delightful participation in “KHELO PETERS” camp.
We are thankful to our management for their support, and convey our token of love to our beloved Principal Sister Nancy for her guidance. Her guidance was the key to this successful event.