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stpeters school14 Sep 2023 05 : 09 : AM

Grandparents Day 2023-24

St Peter's School conducted Special Assembly on the theme Grandparents Day.
Grandparents Day can help to make children more aware of the many ways in which their grandparents often influence their emotional development and education. It's a good time for grandchildren (and their parents) to reflect on the guidance they receive from older generations and to show their appreciation.

To inculcate the values in students about respecting their elders, caring for them and help them as they are the most beautiful part of our life.

Grandparents are a source of family history, and sometimes act as a link to family traditions and culture. With their wealth of knowledge, they have gained over their lifetime, the intergenerational relationship built between a grandparent and grandchild can be integral. This celebration gives about the importance of such an important people in our lives.

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