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stpeters school24 May 2023 04 : 05 : AM

Morning Assembly (V B)

As a part of our continuous endeavor to help our students grow into good human beings, who exhibit praiseworthy code of conduct, a special assembly for instilling good manners and habits was conducted by the students of Class V-B on May 23,2023 on the theme “Good Manners; Good Life” .
The children began the assembly with soulful prayers. Prayer was followed by thought of the day, news headlines and pledge.
Students left the entire set amazed with their dialogue delivery in French language representing Magic Words- Bonjour, Merci, Désolé, S’il vous plaît. Thereafter, the group presentation comprised of an English action song and a message on ‘Golden Words’ like Please, Thank You, Sorry and Excuse – me.
Overall it was an informative assembly which came to an end with national anthem.