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Eloit27 Jul 2022 06 : 07 : AM

Mother’s Feast Day 26th Of July

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.
July 26th, A Day to celebrate Feast Day of our lovable Mother Anette. Students and teaching staff planned a beautiful event for Mother Anette. The day started with beautiful good morning wishes and cake cutting. Afterwards all the grades moved to auditorium for the celebration. As per the schedule, the program started sharp at 9 o’clock. Our band crew welcomed Manager Mother Anette, Principal Sister Nancy and Vice Principal. Sr. Sharon entered the auditorium under the guidance of Ms. Swati Sharma with great enthusiasm. Yashika and Srishti from class VIII C did the Tilak ceremony, welcoming our dear Mother Anette, Principal Sr. Nancy and Sr. Sharon. Afterwards prayer dance was performed by class VI & VIII students and Mother Anette, Principal and Vice Principal lit the lamp.
This celebration included lots of energetic dance performances by grades LKG, UKG, VI & VIII students. Singing performances were also a major part of the celebration which were performed by grades VI, VIII and teaching staff.
Principal sister Nancy gave Felicitation to dear Mother Anette and inspired students. Later Mother Anette also showered her blessings and love on all through her kind and lovely words.
Ms. Himsi Babbar, Ms. Surbhi Ahuja Adlakha and Ms. Akanksha Chauhan also shared their remarkable words on the stage.
Aaryan Tantia from class VI A, Pari Singh from class VI C, Shreshth from class VIII A and Ruchika from class VIII B composed the function confidently on the stage.
Apart from them, each member of St. Peter’s family participated to make this event more beautiful, colourful and memorable. Chocolates were distributed among students as a mark of celebration in the school.