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  • Greater Faridabad - Haryana
Eloit19 Oct 2022 03 : 10 : AM

Save The Earth – Save Our Life

Plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free.

To create awareness about the importance of saving planet Earth
among the students of our school, we have initiated “Hariyali –Save
Earth - Save Our Life” program in the school. Students of classes IV to
X would be the part takers of this program. As part of Hariyali -
 Each student should grow plantlets at home.
 Bring the plantlets to the school after 3 months on a
given date.
 Use polybags to grow the plantlets.
 The process of growing the plantlets should be recorded
and the video has to be submitted to the class teacher.
 During the final PTM of the current academic year the
students can sell the plants and can keep the money for
 Cash awards will be given to the students who bring a
greater number of healthy plants.